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OutRita is OUT of the hospital.

08 Apr 2008 11:19 AM -0500 - I apologize for being neglectful of my updates. Paul got after me... I have been staying out of trouble, and trying to catch up with some of the things I had let slide. My health is good, by the grace of God. No more collapsed lungs, and I am going off of the last two prescriptions in May!! I have been  on these medications ever since I was diagnosed in June 05'. After these are over, it's just vitamins!! I'll be normal.....well, kind of. Dr. Moore (my oncologist) said June is a big month for me. They are going to run someRita and Jane tests...thyroid, pulmonary, and more. After that I won't have to go in as often! My injuries from the accident continue to get better. Still a few aches and pains, but nothing I can't handle. God has been so good! Every minute of every day is a blessing and belongs to Him! May we all keep our priorities straight...without painful reminders! And may God bless you and keep you surrounded with His loving mercy. All my love, Rita

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